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Café Arhuacos coffee beans
Café Arhuacos coffee beans
Café Arhuacos coffee beans
Balení zrnkové kávy Café Arhuacos - Café Arhuacos
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Café Arhuacos coffee beans

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Steach coffee. Premium experience. With love of nature since planting the first seed.

It's up to everyone whether they prepare their coffee in an aeropress, filtered or mochole. We recommend to try french press, where the taste potential stands out best. Thanks to this process, the coffee retains the maximum of its original taste. Fall in
se into the distinctive taste of dark chocolate, dried apricots and caramel.

Species of coffee: 100% Arabica
Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
Processing: washed method
Pay: medium-light

The right place.

It's the morning and we're waking up in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. Height approx. 1600 m n.m. After a cold night, a thick fog rises, followed by condensing rain during the day, which irrigates the local plants.

The El Nino phenomenon elsewhere is doing great damage, but here it is good. It promotes the growth and cultivation of plants such as coffee and cocoa trees.

Just these plants are located side by side here and this brings great benefits. Coffee trees grow in the shade of the original trees, which protect them from direct sun and at the same time retain moisture, which has an excellent effect on its cultivation and subsequent taste.

The right approach.

We only have one planet. The Arhuacos Indians believe that they have maintained harmony for the whole world for centuries and nothing will change for them.

Coffee beans are collected by hand and only once a year. Therefore, the plant is not as exhausted as if it was harvested several times a year. The mission and task of the Indians is to protect the mountains and nature not only where they live, but also to spiritually maintain balance throughout the world. Therefore, each collection is preceded by a consistent ritual.

Needless to say, the entire coffee processing process takes place without the use of any modern technology or chemistry.

Because everything is alive for Arhuacos and deserves respect - every ant, water, stone and leaf.

The right thing.

The Sierra Nevada de Marta area is not the original area of ​​the Arhuacos tribe. With the arrival of the Spaniards, they were forced to leave their homes and inhabit these cold mountains, which they survived in silence for four centuries. Unfortunately, their future is still at stake.

By selling this coffee and our foundation fund, they get direct help and a chance to get their territories back.

We have already managed to buy a few plots of land and we have much more planned! You can read more about our endowment fund and successes on the website here.